Monday, June 30, 2008

"The Mother of all hissy fits"

A prediction: A some point this campaign season, a major media outlet will get an unedited, unredacted, complete version of John McCain's military file (much of which is otherwise classified) which will show, among other things, that McCain was a pretty lousy aviator but whose career kept getting secured by the influence of his father and grandfather.

That newspaper will choose to sit on the file, out of "respect" for John McCain's "status".

This will be exactly the same fucking behaviour the US press exhibited when they ignored, in 2000, the facts of Bush's military records in favour of calling Al Gore a serial liar. John McCain, who actually is a serial liar, and adulterer, and married his 2nd wife for her money when his 1st wife wasn't so pretty anymore, and was so horrified by his experience in the Vietnam War that everytime the US finds someone to bomb, his only response is "more, faster"... will get no such treatment.

When you hear that John McCain "supported the GI Bill after he opposed it" as often as you heard the same thing about Kerry, I'll believe otherwise. C'mon, American media, prove me wrong.

And as for the Obama campaign, throwing Wesley Clark under the bus is just stupid. Aside from everything else, it won't get you anything: the press has decided on it's narrative -- "Obama says he's for change, but he's just the same old politics. He's trying to swiftboat McCain! Best to go for the guy with experience."

That said, I think we can safely assume Clark is no longer on the VP list.

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Anonymous said...

Bang on, on all points.

McCain's military history needs airing, but you're right, it's unlikely to happen.