Thursday, June 12, 2008

I vow to thee my country

Every time I see the ad for "Young People Fucking" I feel a swell of pride for my country.

Not only can a film like this be made in Canada, not only will it be shown in Canadian theatres, but the governments of Ontario and Canada helped fund it.
Try to imagine the US Congress allowing funds to be spent on a film that portrayed non-marital sex between consenting adults as normal, and even enjoyable behaviour.

That's right, you can't.

Funny thing: I was at a theater seeing another movie while a screening of YPF was showing, and it appears the theater staff have been forbidden from actually speaking the name of the film when telling patrons what is playing. When I asked what the screening was, the poor till-jockey literally held up a piece of paper with the title on it, rather than vocalize the dirty word.

So, Canadians: go to your nearest theatres tomorrow and demand, in loud and clear voices, to see Young People Fucking! Stick it to management -- always a good principle, and pretty much required in this case!

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celestialspeedster said...

I fucking will! Canada fucking kicks ass!