Monday, February 04, 2008

What's going on?

via Atrios, the Clinton people are pre-emptively talking down the results from tomorrow. A bad sign for them, if you ask me. All the most recent polls show national momentum for Obama, and many of the statewide ones as well. Add to that this evaluation from Kos, and we could see not only a perceived "win" tomorrow, but a string of wins over the next month putting Obama solidly in the front-runner position. Finally, this note -- that Clinton could be having relative fundraising woes -- and it starts looking better and better for Obama.

Unless it doesn't. This race has been so unpredictable exciting! that I'm going to stay out of the predictions game for now.

Except for this: if, as expected, McCain knocks Romney out of the running tomorrow, it's certain that the next President of the United States will be the first one in 48 years to have had no experience as President, Vice-President, or Governor of a State. McCain, Clinton, and Obama: Senators, all of them, and none of them with direct executive experience. (Sit down, Clinton supporters...) Admittedly, Ford was only Veep for about 8 months, but it counts as much as anything... Truman was only Veep for 4 months, after all.

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