Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Liberals: Bad comics

The secret to comedy, they say, is timing. So let's recount some excellent examples of comic timing from the last, oh, six months...

In the fall, you'll remember, the Liberals decided to abstain on the throne speech and not throw Canada in to an election. The throne speech passed on October 24. Had it failed, we probably would have been looking at a Christmas election.

Chalk River was shut down November 18, and the Liberals missed the chance to run against the Conservatives when, I think even some of their partisans will agree, they weren't at their finest.

Now, we've got the Liberals announcing not 72 hours ago that they'll support the budget and -- this is what kills me -- "Canadians don't want an election". (Canadians didn't mind rapid-succession elections when it was a chance to kick Paul Martin's ass, as I recall.)

Oh, looky, it appears our current Prime Minister attempted to bribe an MP with a life insurance policy for a man dying of cancer. And there's tape. So, do Canadians want an election now?

My hypothesis falls apart here, because while the timing is shit, I find it hillarious.

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Anonymous said...

do Canadians want an election now?

My cynical side says CDNs don't really give a shit. They see bribery (and the other political shenanigans) as normal part of CDN politics. So why hang a politician over it.

If this bribery thing proves out, no one will want to hang the Cons for it because it wasn't taxpayer money that was wasted.

In other words, governments are allowed to be corrupt, just don't waste our money in free giveaways to your cronies a la adscam. Then we'll being you down.

Sad state of affairs if my cynical side is correct about all this.