Friday, August 17, 2007

"The only good Arab..."

Yowza. The face of American diplomacy in the Middle East:
It seems that 20-year career Foreign Service officer Patrick Syring wasn't cut out for bringing America's message of tolerance, peace and democracy to the Middle East.

Last summer, while the bloody but inconclusive war between Israel and Hezbollah raged over the skies of Israel and Lebanon, Syring reached out to James Zogby, the highly-respected head of the Arab-American Institute to let him know that "The only good Lebanese is a dead Lebanese. The only good Arab is a dead Arab."

That was in a phone message left on Mr. Zogby's voice mail.
Amazing to think that they weren't greeted with flowers and chocolates.


That guy said...

Incompetent, delusional, idiotic...I honestly don't know how to describe the American government and its proxies anymore.

Anonymous said...

You know, at this point you just have to assume that they're trying to foster ill will and chaos in the middle east on purpose and that it isn't just incompetence.

Especially when he followed it up with:

"You wicked evil Hezbollah-supporting Arabs should burn in the fires of hell for eternity and beyond. The United States would be safer without you."

Advocating genocide. Re-stoking the Crusades. I have no idea what goes on in their lizard-brains, but the only conclusion that I can come to is that the current situation in the Middle East is going according to plan.