Friday, January 27, 2006

Tomorrow's News Today

I didn't think I'd be right so quickly. Via Tilting at Windmills:
OTTAWA (Reuters) - Governments have no reason to interfere in foreign exchange markets, and should use taxes not currency intervention to help firms compete, a top contender to be Canada's next finance minister said on Tuesday.

Monte Solberg, the finance critic of the Conservatives, told Reuters in an interview that there were "lots of good reasons" that Canada should not run a budget deficit, reinforcing the position taken by his party during an eight-week election campaign....

Industrial subsidies, long a point of contention for Canadian right-of-center parties, may be a necessary evil, he added, admitting that the Conservatives were coming round to the idea that firms sometimes needed subsidies.

"It would be better to have a worldwide agreement (against industrial subsidies). But because some people subsidize, we have to match that," he said.
Asked if plane and train manufacturer Bombardier Inc., a particular target of subsidy critics, could continue to benefit from federal government largesse, he said: "We're reluctant converts."
oh god its too funny the laughter hurts please make it stop

Now, when I predicted that the Conservatives would begin pandering to Ontario and Quebec in order to win votes, I was thinking it might take more than a whole week for the pandering to start. I had irrationally assumed that Harper might actually convene a cabinet before his ministers-to-be started wooing Ontario and Quebec votes with tax dollars.

The Conservatives: More craven than you can imagine, even after you take in to account that they're more craven than you can imagine. Dare we say: As craven as the Liberals? (With apologies to Brad Delong.)

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