Thursday, December 08, 2005

On Labels

Of the four political parties in the Canadian parliament, three supported gay marriage, one opposed it.

Three support marijuana decriminalization, one opposes it.

Three support a real child care plan, not one that forces mothers to stay home.

So what do we call this outlying party - these Orwellian sourpusses who want to control who you love, what you smoke, and (if you've a uterus) whether or not you work?

Why, small government conservatives, of course.

Does this strike anyone else as retarded?


Aiden-PTBO-Marijuana said...

I was disappointed that the NDP supported the 'discriminalization bill'. As former Liberal Justice minister Martin Cauchon said: "We're not decriminalizing marijuana, to be technical, it will remain a criminal offense. What we are putting in place are alternative penalties, in using the Contraventions Act"

Another Liberal Paddy Torsney commented: "We think, actually, with what we're proposing a person with a small amount will be more likely to suffer a consequence for breaking the law."

This bill will simply lead to the further criminalization of marijuana users and further entrench prohibition and its war on the Canadian people. It does not grant amensty to the 1.5 million Canadians arested for possesion of cannabis. And the bill doubles the sentences of peaceful marijuana gardeners.

The Liberals are much closer to the Conservatives then they are to the NDP. Both are anti-worker, pro-corporation, pro-prohibition, anti-student, and are tight with American and Canadian Imperialism.

The NDP is the best bet but should not be trusted for a second.

Anonymous said...

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