Monday, November 21, 2005

Scary Polls

We've all been too happy about Dubya's crappy numbers for too long. I've decided to break the monotonous joy with some bad news - via Ezra Klein, this scary poll (warning: PDF.)
In the future, should U.S. policies try to keep it so America is the only military superpower, or would it be acceptable if China, another country or the European Union became as militarily powerful as the U.S.?
Given that this question is proposing that the US government commit to doing the impossible, you'd expect that large majorities of people would be opposed to it, right? Oops.
US Policies should keep US as only military superpower:

News Media: 44%
Foreign Affairs: 54%
Security: 46%
State/Local Government: 63%
Academic/Think Tanks: 34%
Religious Leaders: 34%
Scientists/Engineers: 22%
Military: 57%
General Public: 50%
That 1/3 of religious leaders in the US think that the US can, nay should be the dominant superpower for all time is astonishing. It's like saying 1/3 of Americans think that Bush should command the sun to halt in the sky, and the moon too.

There are a bunch of countries that have better fundamentals for military power in the 21st century, and the US can't beat them all. But half of the American public wants them to try anyway.

(Note that scientists and engineers are, as always, the most rational.)

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