Monday, September 19, 2005

What an age we live in...

So I'm looking for a copy of Sir Julian Corbett's "Some Principles of Maritime Strategy" (aren't we all?) First place I check: Carleton University's library. No dice. While they have several titles by Corbett, they don't have his most famous work. This is kind of like having every book by Plato except the Republic, I guess.

So next step: Check Ottawa's Public Library system. Success! They have a copy! Except that they only have one, and it's in North Gloucester. Besides, I can't find my library card at the moment.

Attempt #3: Check the website for Indigo-Chapters. No luck - I can order it, but only for $50+. Seeing as I'm reading this for pleasure, not school, that is too steep for my money.

Aha! Following the link from wikipedia, I find that "Principles" is availble at the Gutenberg Project for free! FREE!! AHAHAHAHA!!! 30 seconds later, it's all mine! (And 25 seconds of that was me digging around in my bag for my flash drive.)

Me likee the technology.

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