Friday, December 31, 2004

About Me and the Blog

John, the writer of Dymaxion World, currently lives in Toronto with his fiancée and no pets. He has a BA from Carleton University in Political Science and Mass Communications, and an MJ from Ryerson University.

This blog began as a substitute for blast-emailing my friends and family. Like the selfish prick I am, I now make you all come to me! And as for the queer-ass name, the blog is essentially my shrine to Buckminster Fuller, who wrote a lot about technological solutions to social, economic and political problems.

Dymaxion World has come to focus on a number of things, though energy, politics, and Chinese issues are pretty regular topics. And of course, the occasional flash cartoon emailed to me by a friend.


Anonymous said...

It's good too see a Canadian actualy using their brain. My son goes to University of Waterloo, computer science.

Anonymous said...

i also am a canadian, but i am not in any school. I regret to be one of the "working Joes"' but i have had the fun and pleasure of working with this goof ( John ) and even as i write this am spreading the word to those who know him about this page of his thoughts.

As evr,
Other Jon

ps IRA, IRS, can you see the difference? i can't.

Anonymous said...

With respect to, "...technological solutions to social, economic and political problems," please consider: "Post-Autistic Economics"
article in Sept/Oct,'04, Adbusters.
Also posted at:,
under: writing/politics. Essentially, the post-autistic position rejects the notion that the orthodox model, and the mathematics underpinning it necessarily lead to the best possible world. The orthodox model is not the only possible model---it is the model that benefits the ruling class. Just as Newton's classical laws were superceded by Einstein's general relativity; so, the orthodox model needs to be superceded by an all-encompassing economic model that more closely represents the infinite variety of human creative aspiration. My point is that "technology" is no more neutral than the mathematics of the classical model. It's like a photograph, you know, true up to a point, but not reality.

Asutosh said...


I am Asutosh Bhavsar from Bombay,India. I was on the site where I came across blog.
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dick fischbeck said...

I have posted a link to your dymaxion blog on yahoogroup Synergeo. You should check in there and introduce yourself!

Unknown said...


Long story short... I'm 55, live in Albuquerque. There is a group of interesting people who conduct classes 2 semesters a year here in the sunny southwest, called: LifeLongLearning.


Their classes are generally geared towards retired folks: not deeply academic, but much of it interesting.

I have my 89 yr old father and 88 yr old mother here w/us. Dad has Parkinsons, a year old new hip... eg. limited mobility w/Parkinson's affects signficant. He's mentally sharp (but slower), engaged, humorous & witty.

I take him to some of these Life Long Learning classes... something interesting for us to do, and keeps things a bit more lively.

So with all that said, I have been profoundly influenced by Fuller. I've had both Synergitics treatises on my shelf for 20+ yrs, and to this day benefit from what he presented there. I have managed to put much of that stuff to work in my life.

With completion of our last class in Life Long Learning, I'm now having discussions w/their board about doing a Bucky Fuller class for them next semester. I was reviewing my Bucky "links" this morning, did a bit of Googling, and your site/blog came up.

I read your bio, and it suggests we may have common interests. I read your first top posts and see the topics have digressed well beyond Fuller specifically. I'll plow through some of your archives and see what you have on Fuller directly.

So anyway, reason I'm commenting is that I thought, given stated purpose of this little corner of the web, perhaps a discussion may ensue as to what would be good/appropriate/enlightening in the presentation of such a class.

Depending of a few factors, I will have somewhere between 2-4 sessions of 2 hrs each. I have access to video presentation equipment, and will parse/clip/edit/re-compile video from "Thinking Out Loud" and a few other Fuller filmography thingies I have aquired over the years.

Ok troops... knowing how thoroughly nice Canadians are, I fully (no pun) expect all you Canucks to come out of the woodwork, invite me over for dinner, and send me gifts in the pursuit of this (significantly less than) higher education endeavor. :)

Bye bye fellow western-hemispherians!!!