Tuesday, April 27, 2010

That was fun

Watching Miliken dismantle the government's arguments against disclosing torture documents was really, really, really satisfying. I mean, that was relentless. Government cites A? Here's the same A, from two pages later. There was a barely repressed "I can't believe I have to fucking tell you people this" quality which was really nice to see.

I liked Paul Wells' reaction, from Twitter:
The government can have as many Cheney fans as it likes. Canada remains a parliamentary system. That's not a direct quote.
I suspect we're now only about 72 hours from an election call. Because that's how this PM rolls. In the meantime, Miliken's proposed 14 days deadline for the parties to find some amicable way to move forward seems quaint -- the solution has been obvious for months, but Miliken thinks Harper is going to blink now?

Or maybe I'm misunderstanding things. Miliken's offer puts Harper's petulance in a pretty bad light, if he chooses to go to the polls now. So maybe it's more like this.

Miliken to Harper: Am I not merciful?

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