Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday afternoon rant

Dear Golden Globes judges: Seriously? Avatar? Best film?

Not only was Avatar not the best film of the year. (Of the nominees I've seen, I'd say Up in the Air was easily better than Avatar.) Not only was it not the best CGI film of the year. (That would be Up.) It wasn't even the best film about oppressive corporations involved in extraterrestrial mining. (That would be Moon.)

Just a bag of fail on the part of the Golden Globes people -- something that the Oscars are all too likely to repeat.

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adam said...

But it's so shiny...

Man, Titanic won the best film awards for the G. Globes and the Oscars, and it's no better. They should really just make it a bit more honest. "And now, the James Cameron Just Made Another Mountain of Cash award goes to... James Cameron for Avatar!!" (Act surprised.)