Saturday, November 28, 2009

Rotten ice (slightly fresher lake chronicles)

If you want to get a decent discussion of what's going on in the Arctic, you can either read this article at the Globe or listen to this Quirks and Quarks podcast segment about it.  Basically, a lot of what looked like multi-year ice in the Arctic turns out not to be.  Instead, what we have is slush with a veneer of ice, but nothing that even slows down an icebreaker.  Unfortunately, the rotten ice looks like multi-year ice from a satellite, so nobody knows how far it has spread.

And in other cheery news, Polar Bears are resorting to late-season cannibalism, something usually unheard of in the fall and winter -- there's supposed to be plenty of hunting grounds on solid ice where the bears can catch seals. Instead, there's no ice, or ice that can't support the mass of a bear. So out of desperation, they're resorting to cannibalism.

The neat thing about global capitalism is that it creates the very metaphors you need to describe its predation.

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