Sunday, November 22, 2009

In private conversations, people are sometimes unguarded -- FILM AT 11

The latest revelations about the private discussions of climate scientists are so shocking, so disturbing, I can barely bring myself to type the words.

You see, my fair readers, accredited professionals in the field of climate science don't think much of the cranks and frauds out there polluting the discourse. I know! Shocking! Even worse, they use some impolite language to express their opinions. Clearly, the entire scientific edifice of climate change will come a-tumbling down.

The whole thing makes me laugh. I've had more than a few discussions with climate scientists as I finished up my degree this year, and the idea of getting excited because of the language in the emails is hilarious. I've had a climate scientist start a sentence, referring to a prominent Canadian climate skeptic, "he's so fucking stupid..." before he remembered the recorder was on. Calling the deniers "idiots" is relatively tame, compared to what some have said to me on the record. Of course, they aren't fond of reporters either, which led to further paint-peeling uses of their substantial vocabularies.

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