Friday, October 02, 2009

*silent tear*

I know we'll all have a quiet little moment of mourning when the Aspers lose control of Canwest. Truly, no family has done more to elevate Canadian discourse than this clan, and it's a shame that something as petty as "obligations to shareholders" could humble such upstanding believers in free markets.


Chet Scoville said...

A few years back, I saw someone from the CBC (Wendy Mesley, maybe? Hana Gartner?) interviewing a couple of the Aspers. The Aspers kept complaining about "elite Canadian media" this and "elite Canadian media" that, and contrasting the "elite Canadian media" with themselves.

Eventually, the CBC person said, "Look, you own all these newspapers and a broadcast network. How are you NOT elite Canadian media?" And they were actually dumbfounded; the thought never seemed to have occurred to them until that moment.

Greg said...

So, the papers go from the right wing Aspers to the right wing Godfrey. Yay?