Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Well said

Flocons and I disagree frequently about union tactics, but he's absolutely right: at a time when -- to pick only the most obvious example -- Iranian protesters can't even get a fair election, it's a privilege to be squabbling over a garbage or liquor store strike[1].

To dissent slightly in a way that I don't think he'll disagree with, there are plenty of serious First World problems that actually do need action. See, for example, this:
With unabated greenhouse gas emissions, the world faces a growing risk of ”abrupt and irreversible climatic shifts”. This is one of the conclusions in a scientific synthesis report released Thursday.

Based on more than 1,400 studies presented at a congress in March in Copenhagen that attracted some 2,000 scientists from more than 70 countries, the report presents the newest scientific evidence that has emerged, since the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report came out in 2007....

”Weaker targets for 2020 increase the risk of serious impacts, including the crossing of tipping points, and make the task of meeting 2050 targets more difficult and costly,” the report warns.

[1] Seriously, people in this town are treating an LCBO strike as if there's a war coming.


Flocons said...
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Flocons said...

Let it never be said that we allowed piles of smelly garbage to stand in the way of our friendship. :) Thanks for the link.