Monday, June 22, 2009


So the reason my blogging has been so paltry as of late is that I'm working on a large article as my final assignment for my Master's degree, which has to date involved at least 5 hours of interviews with some pretty interesting people.

Last night I was consolidating the files scattered across three different hard drives when the USB drive I was using decided to cack out on me. I have, it seems, lost all of the recordings of my interviews.

Gun in mouth ---> pull trigger.

Man, I fucking hate computers. Anyone know a good service that can recover data from a corrupted USB drive?


Gar Lipow said...

Hi John.

A friend knowledgeable in such things suggests:

They are expensive, but will do estimates before performing work if you wish.

Gar Lipow said...

There is also a third service she cannot remember the name of.

This might be it, but she is not certain.