Saturday, May 16, 2009

The ads really do write themselves

The ongoing saga of the implosion of the Ontario Tory party:
TORONTO — Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership hopeful Tim Hudak says he would scrap the province's Human Rights Tribunal if he wins, a policy that party insiders fear could become as controversial as the religious-schools issue.

Mr. Hudak, the acknowledged front-runner in the four-person race, announced this week that he would replace the tribunal with a court-based system bound by rules of evidence instead of an entity that uses the province's Human Rights Code as a “tool for political advocacy.”

Party insiders said the policy is an attempt by the veteran MPP to woo the supporters of leadership rival Randy Hillier, a rookie MPP who is expected to finish in fourth place on the first ballot. Mr. Hillier, who is attracting a growing following in eastern and southwestern Ontario among farmers and land owners, has also called for abolishing the tribunal.
There are only two reasons anyone knows anything about the Ontario Human Rights Commission. The first is the complaint against Mark Steyn for being a racist, and the second is the report the OHRC issued on the harassment of Asian fishermen in small cottage communities across Southern Ontario. So I'd like to know which of these issues Hudak is so incensed about. Does he think that Mark Steyn was unfairly treated, or is he pro-racist harassment of new Canadians? I suspect that the rural Tory base is incensed at being singled out for their antics, but inquiring minds want to know.


Durham Reporter said...

Why do you assume that people are uninformed? What about the case of the muslim women arguing UPS's dresscode or the pre-op transvestite that wanted to join a women-only health club and there are more.

I'm no Tory booster but I still agree with them in the aspect that HRCs need to be modified, not eliminated, just tweaked a bit. Until at least one defendant is found not to have violated the complainants rights then the system is broken.

I find your position, although diametrically opposite, to be just as ridiculous as Hudak's.


Anonymous said...

Ezra Levant's book "Shakedown" has left me so filled with rage toward the stinking scum filling the ranks of the so-called "human rights" industry, that I am forced to seriously consider whether actually filing my tax returns is equivalent to urinating on the graves of the fallen soldiers of WWII who fought for MY FREEDoM.

F**K the HRC's and the hideous, fascist bastards who fill their ranks. Barbara Hall should be in JAIL, not robbing people of due process, hard-earned money, etc.

Jesus, what the hell happened to the Left? They used to be the sensible ones!

I hold out for an honest cop to investigate these outrageous and tyrannical practises. F**K Adscam, man, how about HRCscam??

Marshall Gill said...

There are only two reasons anyone knows anything about the Ontario Human Rights Commission.Someone doesn't read very much. Doesn't the name Ezra Levant ring any bells? Shakedown is a laundry list of politically correct asininity perpetrated by petty, wanna-be tyrants pushing an agenda. Everything covered by these HRC's are already covered under Canadian Law. The only difference is that in the HRC's there is no question about the rights of the accused like there are in real courts.

Jesus, what the hell happened to the Left? They used to be the sensible ones!No, the Left has never been "sensible". Since their political outlook is that of small, spoiled children they are best described as juvenile.

Anonymous said...

Durham Reporter, how naive are you? "Tweak a bit" What use are these "courts"? How, in any way, are they necessary? They were only created by politicians fighting for news coverage on how more concerned about human rights they were over their opponents. That's why we have 13 of them in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Here's lesson #1. Just because an organization has "Human Rights" in its title does not mean that it treats human rights in commendable fashion. When such a body is infiltrated by the leftist social engineers all such poorly scrutinised yet powerful government jobs attract, the result is actually social engineering using as as cover human rights that are squashed flat in the process.

The United Nations Human Rights tribune that seats the worst human rights abusers on the planet is another example of the mere words "human rights" providing teflon cover for gross antisemitism among other egregious behavior that belies the title.

There is little truth in advertising when it comes to human rights these days.