Monday, April 20, 2009


A while back we wrote a little bit about Ezra Klein complaining about how much academic hate teaching, because Klein wrote in an unusually shabby way. So, here's a columnist/prof writing in a shabby way about how much students are teh sux.

Note in which department he teaches. As a journalism student, I want to grab Cohen by the lapels and shout, "Of course they're lazy, shallow, and entitled! They're preparing to be journalists!"

UPDATE: Another Carleton j-skool prof responds to Cohen, and leaves welts.

I should say that I've had the opportunity in the past to speak with Cohen, and found him to be a very polite and interesting man, albeit one with what I considered to be some odd priorities. The conversation wasn't confidential, but it's all rather insider-baseball, more than I care to put on pixel here.


adam said...

So wait, first-year Ontario university students are "less prepared" now, compared to when they did an additional year of high-school?

Also, "explanation point"?

Catelli said...

If we all used explanation points, we wouldn't need to use legacy text anymore.

Or to put it simply :!()*^!

Anonymous said...

Carleton aka Coconut College is where one goes after being rejected by 100 % of your other choices.Both proffs are correct!

Idealistic Pragmatist said...

Do you know the blog "Rate Your Students"? If you want more of that (sometimes very funny), have a look.