Tuesday, April 28, 2009

9AM is too early to start drinking, right? How about 9:02?

So I just submitted my last paper of the term electronically. 5000 words, the vast bulk of which was written in one 7-hour shot yesterday, because after 6 years of university if you can't write quickly what are you doing here?

This marks the end of the most difficult phase of my Master's degree in Journalism, with a similarly-sized assignment waiting for me... in August. So, for the first time since last August: leisure time!

Now, here's hoping I kept my marks up and keep my scholarship. One more term of this garbage wonderful learning opportunity, and then I enter the marketplace.... oh crap, don't make me leave!


adam said...

Naw, the old mans in the cafe near my school were always having a beer at like 8:30. You're good.

Oh, and congratulations.

Vicki said...

And...you know...looking for work...

...Yeah, go ahead and start drinking now.

Steve Muhlberger said...

Drinking at midmorning is what you do when you started grading undergraduate papers in the early morning.