Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Well now I have to kill myself

Thanks, Nonynony:
School actually is the "real world" in a lot of ways. Promoting people to the level of their incompetence isn't the only example either - there are also those wonderful "group" projects where one person does all the work but the credit gets shared evenly across the group. When I was an undergrad I always thought those were the most frustrating assignments imaginable - and then I started working in the "real world" and found out that they were just tutorials for my later life.
That so wasn't the deal I signed up for.



Catelli said...

Its subset of what we call "the curse of competency".

You get 20 times the work of the incompetent, but not 20 times the pay or recognition.

If you can stomp down such concepts as "pride", "self respect", and your conscience, adopt the way of the "Wally"

Anonymous said...

You're welcome. Just trying to do my part to spread the sunshine and lollipops to everyone.


Noumenon said...

But school is so much harder than the real world! See here in response to this xkcd.