Saturday, March 07, 2009

It has spaceships, thats why

I'm oddly more excited about the new Star Trek movie than Watchmen. I want to see both, but I think I've lowered my expectations for Watchmen because it would break my heart more if it sucks.

Also, well... SPACESHIPS.


adam said...

But, but, they're so not going to shoot all shots of Kirk through gauze. And it looks all actiony. Plus you know their tricorder-scanner-dealies aren't diner salt-shakers.

I dunno man....

Anonymous said...

Keep your expectations for Watchmen low. I had mine near the floor and was able to be pleasantly surprised by it. But the good parts are all Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons - Snyder's additions/changes are at best inconsequential and at worse harmful.

But he did manage to not turn Rorschach into a hero, and that puts him ahead of far too many comics fans that I've had discussions about Watchmen with over the years. So I count that as a win at least. (That probably tells you about how low my bar was when I walked into the theater).