Tuesday, March 24, 2009

In which I sing the praises of Maxime Bernier's documents-handling policies

Okay, they did something right: the change in passport policy that the Conservatives made in 2007 is really much more convenient for those of us who haven't always had regular doctors or other professionals to be a guarantor.

That's, like, one in three years.

(Full guarantor policy here. Getting a passport is now only about 50% more annoying than getting a health card.)

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Catelli said...

That is a start.

And I agree with you about the Health Card...

My card is literally busted in half.

I went to the Mississauga office to replace it.

I had:
The Original Health Card
My Drivers License (with picture)
My Federal Firearms Possession License (with picture)

But that wasn't enough ID to prove I am eligible for OHIP and my application was denied.

So I continue to get health coverage with my old broken card....