Monday, March 23, 2009

A bit on the nose

So, the new-and-unimproved plan to save the Lords of Finance from any consequence of their actions has been renamed, as have the assets in question:
Note that the assets that people outside the government call “toxic” are no longer “troubled” (as in TARP), they’re “legacy” assets.
Now, it's true that these assets aren't "legacy" in any real sense, as they're about three years old at the outside.

But, if you keep the other words in the acronym the same, this is now the Legacy Assets Relief Program, or LARP. The same word that the nerd crew uses to describe live-action roleplaying, which is appropriate since both live-action D&D and the Obama/Geithner plan involve a suspension of disbelief and the indulgence of juvenile fantasies.

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