Saturday, February 14, 2009

Men of the world, find a woman who grounds you.

So one of those odd little goals I set myself a while back was to bake fresh bread. The first attempts were, shall we say, underwhelming. Whether it was the recipe or my own stumbling, they simply didn't turn out.

So today, I was quite pleased with myself when I produced two nicely browned loaves:

(Note to self: buy two bread pans of roughly the same size.)

At one point, I exulted "Take that, modernity", feeling all akin to some rustic peasant.

Ahem. My beautiful fiancée would have none of it. Roughly transcribed from memory, after I stopped laughing so hard I nearly fell out of my chair.

"Take that modernity? This from the guy who used the electric hand-blender, a microwave, downloaded the recipe from the Internet on one of two computers he has on his desk and used the electric oven to bake it? Shut the fuck up. FUCK YOU. You're an asshole."

It's bad enough that she's right all the time, but how will she raise a child with a mouth like that?

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Fiona said...

I'd like a slice of fucking bread...please.