Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The craziness continues

1) Where is the polling, dammit? I want to know what the country thinks, like yestderday.

2) Elizabeth May was just speaking, and it sounds awfully like she might be looking at a Senate seat, and from there it's really just a short hop to the Cabinet... and why not? If it's supposed to be a United Front, then the almost 7% of the voters who cast votes for the Greens deserve some representation in this government, I guess. Of course, given the hypocrisy of the last few days I expect the Conservatives to rail against appointing unelected Senators to the government.

3) The GG is headed back to Canada, to be arriving tomorrow afternoon. And nobody knows what would happen next. But in the video on CBC, she seems to explicitly reject the language of the Conservatives, saying that "this is the way our system works" or something to that effect.

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Your polling, dear sir: