Monday, December 22, 2008

Can't anybody here play this game?

American capitalism = broken. When you can't even sell cars without turning the entire thing in to a gigantic, financially opaque clusterfuck, you no longer deserve the label "market economy". What you are is a bunch of jumped-up loan sharks.


Mike said...

Exactly right.

Mike said...

PS you've been tagged

Anonymous said...

I don't recall what age I was when I realized that we didn't have an economy as much as we had a Ponzi scheme that called itself an economy. I'm sure finding out in the 90s how the automakers really made their money was one of the pieces that started tipping me off. As was figuring out how easy access to home loans was inflating the price of houses - an obvious result to anyone who actually thinks about it for 5 minutes. Oh and working in insurance in the mid-90s probably helped as well, since everything I was ever taught about how insurance worked in various economics classes I had taken turned out to be ... let's just say "oversimplified" to be generous.

I think another tipping point was when people started going on and on about how we were moving from a "manufacturing economy" to a "service economy" and yet no one could explain to me how exactly is was a good idea that we become a nation of telephone cleaners ready to be plopped onto Ship B and sent off into the great unknown.