Friday, November 07, 2008

There's always time for pettiness

Joe Lieberman sez that if he's stripped of his chairmanship, he'll bolt to the Republicans.

This is a threat? Senator, the rest of us call that truth in advertising. Let the GOP make room for him, if they can -- hardly a foregone conclusion, btw. Which GOP senator is going to give up their seniority so that Lieberman can be sandwiched in somewhere? Is Lieberman willing to ditch the Democrats (who are still willing to let him keep his seniority privileges, sans committee chair) in order to be the least senior GOP Senator?

Look, if Lieberman had merely tried to support his friend and colleague John McCain without calling Obama a terrorist-sympathising defeatist who could destroy America, he might not be in this spot. But he said all those things, people recorded and heard them, and now he can't un-shit his bed. So no, Senator, you don't get to keep your chairmanship.

But if Joe thinks this is bad, just wait until 2012 when President Obama swings through his state during primary season...

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