Friday, November 28, 2008

Coalition update

According to CBC, Dion would stay as PM. This is starting to look very, very serious.

Also, just saw John Robson on Newsworld make an interesting argument: the 3 opposition parties share not only the majority of seats in Parliament, but significant common policy preferences. In this sense, Robson argued they have been abdicating their responsibility to the Parliament by refusing to use their majority status properly. Not sure I agree, but I thought it turned around the "legitimacy" question nicely.

Gonna be a long weekend. The countdown begins on how quickly Harper orders Flaherty to open the purse strings to the Bloc...

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Gar Lipow said...

I hope this happens. I also thing it has helped me understand why I'm so fascinated with Canada. The U.S. is the way it is for various historical reasons. I can't even imagine it ending with European style Social Democracy. But Canada is enough like the U.S. that I can imagine a best case scenario where, as the U.S. loses its Empire (and that will happen - though the replacement may be worse) it becomes more like Canada. Not perfect, but better than we have now, and more realistic than becoming like, say, Sweden.