Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Christ. Prime Minister Stephen Harper for another few years. Some thoughts, with absolutely no guarantee that I didn't start drinking a couple of hours ago:

1) The Liberals, NDP, and Greens all failed to make the argument that Stephen Harper was disqualifyingly bad -- hard to do when he's the sitting Prime Minister, granted. Why the failure? Because Stephen Harper is not disqualifyingly bad. I didn't, and never would, vote for his party. But progressives lost the plot when we assumed everyone else saw Harper as badly as we did.

2) I just realized our two main choices were between an English Steve and a French Steve.

3) Could another 18 months of Liberal fratricide solve the problems that the previous 18 months of Liberal fratricide caused? Wait and find out!

4) Jack Layton keeps adding incrementally to the NDP caucus. At this rate, the NDP will be in majority territory by about 2050 or so. By which point Hudson's Bay will be one single, giant tar sands settling pond.

5) If you don't have to stifle even a small giggle when someone says the word "caucus", there's no hope for you.


Vicki said...

Don't worry, hon. There'll be another election in about eleven months' time, when the robot rebellion ousts their former idol for a faster, stronger, better and less scary-looking model.

Senan said...

Well, let's see what happened here... all the other parties didn't really present their platform, rather, they saw it fit to try and assassinate Harper's character (epic fail there) and panick-monger with the economic problems we're all going through... and then there's the voters. If Harper's doing such a bad job, why didn't more people bother to make a difference and actually vote?