Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Google fail

Dammit, it took me a whole five minutes of looking through my archives to find an old post. That's unacceptable, Internet. I expect better of you.

With that out of the way, these polls make me smile:
If he were elected President, do you think (candidate) would raise taxes on people like yourself, or wouldn't he do that?

Obama: Would 46%, Would Not 41%
McCain: Would 51%, Would Not 38%

Okay, now the reason I mentioned an old post was this, which I wrote in February, in a post whose main point was to bash a man who is now a Nobel Laureate.[1]
Attracting independents and soft GOP in to the Democratic Party has it's own perils, I will readily admit. But seriously, could the Democrats be any more useless? Besides, rather than worry about reddening the Democrats with yokels, I prefer to believe the opportunity here is to get them voting for the right Party, show them that the government can work with them and for them, and cobble together a new coalition. But you need the votes first, then build the tribe.
It would be nice to believe that the average American voter was now so comfortable with the facts that they had come to that conclusion based on empirical reasoning. But I think there's a bit more to it than that, which I alluded to in the above quote: people have switched tribes, and more people see themselves as comfortable Democrats, in a community with them. They've already decided to vote for Obama, so they think he's better on taxes. Certainly, the numbers on McCain's side there resemble nothing as much as the current national poll, according to CBS.

[1] Has Krugman's fake Nobel made me reconsider my harsh feelings for him? No.

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