Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Epic failz

One of the few arguments that Sen. Clinton's campaign ever made that actually made sense was an attack on Sen. Obama's then-high approval ratings vs. Clinton's then-lower ratings. The argument was that Obama had been relatively untouched by the GOP slime machine, and once they worked him over his numbers would be as low, if not lower, than Clinton's. It was plausible at the time, but I didn't think it was a sufficient argument for a Clinton candidacy.

It turns out, though, that even if plausible it was incorrect: Obama's approval ratings have not only held firm, they have improved over the last almost 11 months. Kos has the details.

I have been astonished to see the GOP playbook rendered totally ineffective this year. It's as if gravity itself is working against them, and I frankly couldn't be happier.

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Anonymous said...

The thing that continues to amaze me about Obama is just how squeaky clean he really seems to be. It seems like every single skeleton that the man had got aired by the Clinton campaign during the primary - and those skeletons weren't much.

Seriously - he served on a board with Bill Ayers (and a bunch of Republicans)? He has a preacher who gets emotional with the rhetoric when he gets angry? He admitted to experimenting with drugs in his own autobiography? That whole Tony Rezko thing that requires a flowchart to explain and doesn't amount to much when it's done. What kind of skeletons are those? At least Bill Clinton gave us a string of affairs.

And the crap that they made up was so clearly race baiting that only someone who was already not going to vote for Obama would be swayed by it. Secret Muslim accusations? The "whitey" tape that never materialized?

It just amazes me that he could possibly by that clean. I've been waiting all year for some shoe to drop - and nothing. Just amazing.