Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Debate II

Well that was underwhelming to me. But then, I've been watching Obama and McCain in debates since what feels like 1963. (Yes, I watched Obama debate when he was 2 and I was minus 18.) There's just nothing left to say about them: if you haven't been paying attention, maybe you didn't know that John McCain sang about bombing Iran, or maybe you didn't know that the Democratic candidate's name sounds awfully Muslimy.

The cliché is that the status quo goes to Obama, and all the snap polls again show Obama winning a huge chunk of the independents. (Oddly, CNN's snap poll showed 5% of Democrats saying McCain won. Weirdo.)

It just reminds me that I am not a representative sample of the American audience. I saw a pretty strong performance by Obama and a pretty awkward one from McCain, but nothing terribly different from what I saw last time. Apparently, I'm way out of touch with the heartland.

But we knew that.

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Anonymous said...

Oddly, CNN's snap poll showed 5% of Democrats saying McCain won. Weirdo.

A few things that could be going on:

* MOE in the poll is +/-4%. Could account for the anomaly.

* Some people could be lying about their party affiliation to mess with pollsters (I know folks who do this. Sigh.)

* There are some Democrats who are going to vote for McCain for whatever reason. Anger over the Clinton loss, racism, wanting someone as old as they are in the White House, personal dislike of Obama, personal love of McCain's biography, severe daddy (or maybe grand-daddy) issues, etc. Somewhere around 5% is probably not out of the question on that score.