Monday, September 08, 2008


I want to make two things very clear: I will not be voting Green federally, nor do I think their party is a credible governing alternative (yet) on the Federal scene.

But, and far more importantly than my personal political opinions, is the fact that the Green Party is clearly a credible political alternative, and ought to be allowed in the televised debates. Any party leader who threatened to leave the debates if she was allowed in (Gilles, Jack, Steve, all of you cowards) ought to be ashamed.

The consortium ought to be (but won't be) ashamed most of all, because the threat to have a leader walk out of a debate is an empty one. You think the Conservatives want to leave the symbol of this election an empty podium? Please.


Anonymous said...

Right there with you.

In fact, I'm writing a letter to the lot of them. I'll be voting NDP but I support the Greens' right to be there at the table. Reform had way less support and credibility than the Greens but Preston Manning was allowed on the stage.

But maybe that's what they are afraid of. I recall Reform doing very well that election.

Mike said...

I see great minds think alike, even if this one is much more bitter and cynical about it.

Jim Johnston said...

I agree with your post, and I wonder if we, as voters, should go farther. Votes = power. Put your vote where you feel the integrity lives, whatever party that might be.

Anonymous said...

That does it.

I'm voting GREEN.