Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Watching Elizabeth May speak at her platform roll-out, she's become a much better orator than the last time I say her speak publicly.

A question for Liberals: this woman is speaking more clearly and forcefully on her version of the Green Shift than your own leader. Are you sure raising the Green's profile was such a good idea?

A $50/tonne carbon tax = me likee very much.


saskboy said...

Better still, businesses can get $50/tonne back if they clean up to be more efficient! That's why it's a tax shift.

catherine said...

The Liberals did not raise Elizabeth May's profile. They simply refused to try to suppress it. She met the conditions of the media consortium and would have been allowed to speak in any case, were it not for Layton and Harper trying to block her. Not entering into a deal to purposely block her is not the same thing as raising her profile.

Who knows whom having May participate is good or bad for, but we do live in a democracy, so party leaders should just accept that.

john said...

Catherine: The Liberal efforts to raise the Green Party's profile go back beyond the last 14 days, all the way back to the convention at which Dion was chosen to lead the Party.

I don't think that's a bad thing, necessarily, as they say a lot of things I support. But I do wonder if the Liberals will think it was the right thing, when this election is over.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm - are you wondering where electoral reform is in the GPC platform? I sure am. How can the GPC platform not include PR or some version of electoral reform? I am hugely disappointed. I wonder what some GPC stalwarts are going to think about this. Where was the consultation? I have been having concerns about Ms May's leadership for awhile and this does nothing to quell them.

Saskboy said...