Thursday, August 21, 2008


1) POW who served with McCain sez hell naw.

2) The rare Canadian link: Conservative attacks on Supreme Court full of BS. Who could have predicted...

3) There's a lot in Tom Walkom's column that makes me want to beat him about the head, but by the end he comes around to basically advocating appropriate technology, something I wholeheartedly approve of. As much as I love gadgets, the solutions to our current crisis will be driven by changes in mindset, not just changes in gadgetry.

4) Read Andrew Bacevich. (part I and part II.)

5) Nordic semen shortage. Yup, you read that right.

6) Different subject, but still the most appropriate reaction to the now-not-news about John Edwards.

7) When it comes to climate change, maybe the Europeans aren't as enlightened as we'd like to think...

8) If you've got an hour to kill, watch this video of Naomi Oreskes and the American politicization of climate science. It's excellent, but makes me sad because I didn't realize Robert Jastrow was such a malign influence. One of the first books that made me really love science, and specifically excited me about astronomy and space science generally, was one by Jastrow that my father bought for me. Turns out Jastrow was hip-deep in SDI and and campaigned to shut down any political response to climate change. Alas.

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