Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Morning Pessimism

I have to say, the most curious thing I read during the whole Russo-Georgian War was this by Brad Delong:
Of the four big potential threats to world peace--the Islamic Reformation, the rising industrial power that is Imperial Wilhelmine China, the potential for a National Hinduist India, and Weimar Russia--Weimar Russia may be the most dangerous.
First off, note the categorical: "the four" big threats to world peace.

I thought to myself reading that, "Really? Only four?" And in those four, there's a rather striking omission: America. Not to be too blunt about it, but if America were a nation at peace with the world, John McCain would be the first candidate to be polling in the negatives. His combination of mendacity, militarism, and mediocrity is polling well because, in America, stupid-ass fraudulent militarism sells. Don't believe me, ask President George W. Bush after he retires in peace and is never disturbed by the war crimes tribunal he so richly deserves.

Meanwhile, the most offensive thing Islamic states have done to America is not be threatening enough: humiliating America by not having active nuclear weapons programs in either Iran or Iraq. America, on the other hand, has actually invaded and occupied another country with far less pretext than Russia had to invade Georgia. And, you know, killed hundreds of thousands of innocents in the process. Maybe they could have been put in the #5 slot, Prof. Delong?

I would really, really like American liberals to actually grapple with the fact that you live in a nation that is dangerous to the world. Some of this is just what comes from being the biggest kid in the playground, but then you've got something like 40% of Americans supporting John crazy-ass McCain, a man even less qualified to be President than the current occupant. America is a threat to world peace, too, and what concerns me a hell of a lot more than what's going on in Pakistan right now is what happens if John McCain wins in November, and terrorists attack an American city sometime after that. Watching America gear up to attack another country based on lies once was bad enough.

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