Friday, July 11, 2008

Pixar's Rubber Soul

That's this dude's description of WALL-E, and it's pretty apt. But I liked this bit more:
The collection of upcoming animated movies shown in the trailers before Wall-E just drive that point home. It's almost as if this one studio is the sole defenders of the faith, and Frank Zappa was right all along about everybody else - We're Only in it for the Money. A talking Chihuawa movie? Are you kidding me? Another misfit mouse movie? Another road trip movie with stock animal characters?
Yes, that talking Chihuahua movie looks like a war crime in the making. The contrast between the trailer for it and watching the short that precedes WALL-E is astonishing: it's like the difference between a canned laugh track and actually laughing so hard you worry about bladder control.

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