Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Okay, I guess there's some good news out there

Oh John, I imagine you saying. Enough with your doom-and-gloomery, your "we're using up Indium" talk and your "Greenland will kills us all" bafflegab. What of the good news? Why must you trouble us with this relentless pessimism, this deluge of reality?

Alright, here's a few things:

1) Flying saucers. No, really. Flying saucers. I want.

2) The Polywell Fusion people are gearing up to build their next device, which they say will generate net power of 100MW. A 2m reactor would generate 500MW. As it just so happens, scaling up those flying saucers will require a dense, abundant source of electricity. To the moon, Alice!

3) Other things that require electricity: electric cars! Apparently, they're the new black.

Happy now?

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Anonymous said...

Actually, I thought the Greenland bit was good news myself. Anything that puts more incentive on the US to change its freaking ways and start taking this climate change stuff seriously sounds like good news in my book. We self-centered bastards here don't tend to start worrying about things until they become "our problem" instead of "someone else's problem".

With any luck Florida or some other swing state will see the writing on the wall and start demanding that both parties start taking this stuff seriously - if only to keep the tourist dollars from flowing out of the state.