Thursday, July 03, 2008

I don't care if this bores you

Jesse Taylor points out the obvious to those claiming WALL-E is the latest round of liberal propaganda:
There’s a perfectly reasonable conservative read on the movie that doesn’t turn it into a total piece of shit! Of course, that also involves not calling a movie that’s anti-corporate “fascist”, so leave it up to the hairshirted liberal to find it.

The fundamental story of the movie is about a culture beholden to a nanny state - in this case, a literal nanny state that coddles them like babies from the cradle to the grave, a world where individual initiative is destroyed and cultural history is entirely alien to the entire human race. Basically, it’s the exact thing that conservatives have been warning us about for years, wrapped up in a movie with cute robots who rebel against it and lead humanity to a hunting-gathering-growing Earth.

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