Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Get it? He's old

John McCain thinks Social Security, as it's been constituted since it's inception, is "a disgrace".


Because having been signed in to law in August of 1935, Social Security is what John McCain has always called "that cripple Roosevelt's damned newfangled bolshevism."

Okay, so maybe not. In fact, Social Security is one of the few things in American history that is actually older than John McCain, by almost exactly one year.*

And if I keep making cracks about McCain's age (you bet your ass I will) it's not because of his age, per se. I've known pensionable men who nonetheless learned how to repair computers to supplement their income, and my late grandfather on my mother's side was certainly no dunce when it came to technology. Being old has nothing to do with being out of touch.

But it's clear that in McCain's case, he is totally out of touch with the modern world. And not in a folksy, Reaganesque, lie-about-Iran-Contra kind of way. He is just now, apparently, discovering the fundamental aspects of how the most important program of the US government works. And he thinks it's a disgrace. He has, by his own admission, no idea of how to use a computer. Oh, and he thinks it's cool to joke about killing Iranians with lung cancer**. What an asshole.

*Who wants to put money on Barack Obama very publicly wishing John McCain a happy 72nd birthday this August?

**God, the Associated Press is a bunch of wankers.

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