Thursday, July 24, 2008

Facts are stupid things, pt. a billion

Joe Scarborough, defending John McCain from the tyranny of facts:
SCARBOROUGH: And I know a couple of hosts ran this last night and made a huge deal because a liberal blogger picked it up. I guarantee the hosts that ran it had no idea whether the Sunni Awakening or the surge began at the same time....

What is so funny about this is people are just sitting there, eating their Cheetos — “Let me google Anbar Awakening!"
Um, huh? There are plenty of problems with Google, but it's the most powerful, popular research tool available to the common person, ever. So "bloggers" would dare to research something before they'd put it down in print, and should be mocked for it?

Better still, bloggers use google to stay better informed than a United States Senator and Republican nominee for President, and it's the bloggers who should be ridiculed?

I don't understand television.

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