Monday, June 23, 2008

I try to stay on top of the good news, and fail

I missed this last week, but good news as one of Canada's more level-headed governments pushes through authorization for ZENN's electric low-speed vehicle to be used on public roads with minimal red tape. Sadly, it's not the jurisdiction in which I live, because on this issue Dalton McGuinty is apparently content to let the beating heart of the Dominion be eclipsed by Quebec, BC, Manitoba...

When you ask the people at Ontario's MiniTrans why it is that Ontarian drivers are apparently to stupid to cope with a car that's legal in 48 states and now Canada's second-largest province, the sole answer you'll receive is "we won't comment on decisions made in other jurisdictions." Which is, you know, less than satisfying.

Anyone want to guess on when Ontarians will be granted the same priviliges as Quebeckers?

1 comment:

adam said...

Just as soon as it comes in a nuclear-powered version.