Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Funny story

I've had to work every Tuesday night for the last five months or so. Almost without fail, I've missed every important primary. Apparently, something rather important happened tonight, but I missed it, as I've missed every single important event of this primary season, with the exception of Barack Obama's speech in Philadelphia about Rev. Wright.

I've been working 16-hour days for three days now, and I've got one more ahead of me before I'm over the hump, so rather than write at length on the blessed and praised end of the primaries, I'm going to bed.

Congratulations to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, for three things: 1) You both ran amazing campaigns, 2) Obama, you've won, and 3) Clinton, you've probably speech-ed yourself out of the VP slot, if it was ever even a possibility.

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