Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dear people in charge of Firefox

When you said, "Hey everyone! Come download Firefox as soon as possible on Tuesday so we can set a world record! It'll be nifty!"

You remember that, right?

Did it not occur to you that people might actually, you know, do that?

(Hits refresh button, swears.)

Way to go people.


adam said...


I downloaded the RC weeks ago.

So I'm groovy.

john said...

Bah. Quiet, you.

After 2 hrs of fitful attempts, it's installed and working.

Still. Grr.

Devin Johnston said...

I've been using the RC at work for a couple weeks, but I did manage to install on my home laptop today as well. The site was down when I first tried (too many SQL connections.) I hit refresh, and it loaded up no problems. Downloaded the executable and was upgraded in minutes.