Thursday, May 01, 2008

The wrong will never be punished, the right will never be forgiven (II)

...Part a billion-and-one in a series

Oh, and btw, we've been negotiating with the Taliban. You know, like certain voices were advocating for us to do years ago.

So at what point can we expect the calls for Stephen Harper's resignation? As of this morning he's got no excuse to not know about this, and the longer it goes on the longer he will be guilty -- as the right would inevitably label it if it were anyone else -- of negotiating with terrorists.

Oh. That's what I thought. Certain things are only "gaffes" or "unrealistic" or "naive" when the NDP calls for them. When the Liberals or Conservatives do it, it's called pragmatic.



Catelli said...

I still think negotiating with the Taliban is a nutty idea.

I see this as a sign of desperation on the part of the Liberals and Conservatives, and indication that this war is lost and now we're seeking any way out to save face.

As a supporter (past tense) of the war, that is what angers me most. The US, Canada and NATO pissed away their opportunity to do anything positive in Afghanistan by not committing the resources and forces to do the job properly. So instead we threw aways lives and money in a bailing wire and duct tape attempt to patch the situation.

This mission is slowly swirling its way down the drain, and this negotiation is a sure sign that the mission is not going our way.

IF we were to ever "negotiate" with the Taliban, we would have to do so from a position of strength, which we do not have, and never did. We have nothing they want that more patience on their part won't give them when the West finally packs up and leaves. As such, any negotiations are a sham as we do not have anything to backup or enforce our position.

Chet Scoville said...

Well, to quote you, thank God we never listen to the NDP until it's too late.