Wednesday, May 21, 2008

That's impossible, even for a computer

Vicki and I have a game we play -- not so much a game, as a verbal tic. We basically bring Star Wars quotes in to the conversation at every opportunity. And, believe me, the opportunities are endless. The following, totally not-made-up conversation is just one example of many we've had over the last 7 years and a bit.

Me: So, did you see this video of the flying penis that interrupted Gary Kasparov's press conference?

The Girlfriend: No. Wait, what?

Me: Somebody attached a remote controlled helicopter to a sex toy. Presto, flying penis.

TGF: Okay.

Me: Yup. You can imagine it derailed the press conference.

TGF: I bet. You know what they should've done?

Me: What?

TGF: Land the penis in some dude's mouth.

Me: Humiliation for everyone, then?

TGF: Absolutely.

Me: Well, except for the dude flying the helicopter. Landing a flying penis in some guy's mouth must be about as hard as bullseyeing whomp rats in your speeder back home.
And that, kids, is how we do that.

And because my parents aren't yet convinced I need to be written out of the will, the video.

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adam said...

They handled that fairly well.