Wednesday, May 21, 2008

State of Israel is insufficiently pro-Israel

Negotiating with a state sponsor of terrorism, one that nearly destroyed the Israeli state itself in the 1973 war. What would George Bush say?

It's worth repeating Daniel Davies here:
As I’ve argued elsewhere, although the Mearsheimer & Walt “Israel Lobby” does have a referent which is a real and definable set of groups and institutions, this lobby really doesn’t have all that much to do with Israel. Every time this slightly scary bunch of warlike, paranoid and rather right-wing people are asked to make a choice between the national interests of Israel and their own vanity politics, it’s Israel that gets shafted. Any concern over “divided loyalties” or what have you is completely misplaced – the “Israel Lobby” are nationalists of a completely imaginary state, one which has no meaningful politics of its own, no need to compromise with reality and no national interests other than constant war.
And my favourite Yitzhak Rabin quote, after an American supporter talked about how she "remembered exactly where we all were when the scuds started falling."

Rabin: So do we -- you were in America.

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