Friday, April 25, 2008

Take me to the riot

Dog bites man, and Rush Limbaugh has violent, fascist fantasies about crushing political opposition.

Especially funny is Limbaugh's claim that the American right doesn't riot. Really? How about this:

Nov. 28, 2000 | MIAMI -- On the surface, it looked like the good people of Miami at their worst again. Last week's melee at the county offices here -- followed by the local canvassing board's abrupt cancellation of a hand recount -- had all the trademarks of Miami's notorious tantrum politics. Screaming, shoving, fist-waving, intimidation, ties to Elian Gonzalez and even hints of good ol' Cuban-American political corruption.

But the fact is that the fracas at Miami's recount headquarters was engineered and carried out by Republican Party operatives imported from the heartland, far from South Florida. They might have reminded viewers of Elian's Army -- and might even have taken lessons from the Cubans -- but, by all accounts, the city's strident conservative exile community was very much in the minority. As one observer put it: "There were no guayaberas. This crowd looked tweedy. They were from out of town."

Ah yes, the Brooks Brothers Riot. You know, the one that was responsible for halting the Florida Re-count before the Supreme Court deadline. Cast your minds back, way back, to 2000 when this gang of thugs took over. Just one of the many corruptions of the process that were necessary to put Bush in power. (Oh, and thanks again Supreme Court!)

Actually, I might almost thank Rush. It's good to remember, near the end of the Bush regime, what criminality was responsible for it being in the first place.

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