Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hm, what's in the news?

So, I could blog about Rev. Wright, this horrible Austrian story, or Miley Cyrus.

Well, I promised no primary talk until post-North Carolina, so Wright is out (I think.) And if I think too much about this horrible Austrian story I'll probably just blow my brains out. (To quote Cordelia Chase: There's not enough yuck in the world.)

So Miley Cyrus it is!

Seriously, this is what the fuss is about? I mean, sure, I guess. But really? Maybe my standards for what counts as "racy" are just jaded from years of Internet use. What's really funny is this line from the VF article:
But doesn’t she ever feel enormous pressure, what with a supposedly billion-dollar business resting on her shoulders? And, come on, it’s Disney. Doesn’t she have to watch herself constantly?

“Not really. That’s what my parents are for. They’re there to take care of that, and I can just do what I love.”
For the record, Miley's achy-breaky-dad was at the photo shoot.

Then there's the humour of the Walt Disney corporation -- former employer of Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Amanda Bynes -- getting all huffy over the damage to their asset racy pictures. You can just imagine how that letter went:
Dear Vanity Fair,

How dare you sexualize an innocent teenage girl! That's our job!

Your very truly,
Walt Disney Corp.


harmfulguy said...

Sorry, but the only outrage I can muster is, "Somebody get that poor child a sammich!"

Anonymous said...

Amanda Bynes wasn't Disney. She was NICK hence why she isn't as f*cked as the rest of them.

Mike said...

Yeah, I saw that too and thought "Uhmm who cares?"

It was Annie Leobowitz taking the photos, not Larry Flint for gawd sakes.

I think they are quite nice and quite tasteful. The church ladies and pearl cluitchers who think this is a problem really need their heads examined.